Wheatgrass & Sprouting Business Consultation
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Wheatgrass & Sprouting Business Consultation - ONE DAY

Please email me to set up a date before you purchase this consultation

Do you really need me to come to your home and help you grow grass and sprout?  Ok.  If getting into this business is something you have always wanted to do, then I am more than happy to help.  Or, if you have tried everything, but it's just not working out, then I can help with that too.  You can always purchase my Business Workbook and DVD Workshop to get you started, or you can send me photo's of the problems you are having and I can help as much as I can for FREE via email.  When all else fails, then yes, I will come to your place and help in person.  This consult does not include travel expenses.  Sorry.  I do like to fly first class too!  =) 

I will come for one-5 days and help you get started in Business or help with your current growing issues.  Whichever you need.  Price above is for ONE day.  This includes 6 hours of my personal time.  Just have your questions ready or email me in advance.  I will be more than happy to travel overseas if needed.  Just returned from the South of France, June 2013!

*Price does not include travel and lodging expenses.


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Wheatgrass & Sprouting Business Consultation

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