Personal Home Cleanse
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*3 Day / At HOME Cleanse!

Please email me for more details & available dates before selecting this item.

Stop putting it off.... Before the Holiday or After? There is always time for a 3 Day Cleanse in your own home. Regain your HEALTH, lose a few unwanted pounds, feel more energy and look more VIBRANT! This cleanse is for YOU and everyone else!

We all need to clean out and some of us don't have the time to spend one week or three at a wellness retreat center  No more waiting or excuses that you don't have time.  Here is another option. It has been since 1990 in the alternative health field for me including: 8 years at Optimum Health in San Diego, 3 years with Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen, and 10 years at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach. 1½ years with Lisa Wilson and The Raw Food Institute. Also, opened my own wellness center in Union City, MI Jan. 18, 2015  Vibrant Health Institute.       

I will (pending dates / times / travel) come to your home and spend 3 days helping you with your diet and cleansing / detox.  This cleanse comes with hours of information, DVD's, 'how to' paperwork, etc...  Plus, 3 hours per day with ME! Be prepared to JUICE CLEANSE and colon cleanse for the whole time I am with you.

*Price does not include misc. items needed for cleanse or travel and lodging expenses.
*Ask about the cost for including another person.

*You may also choose a 5 or 10 Day Cleanse with me. Prices are: 5 Day - $2,500  OR  10 Day - $3,500 (reg. price $6,495) Prices do NOT include travel & lodging, misc. supplements, and equipment needed. You will need / want a Colema Board, single auger juicer, and a blender.

Please email for available dates and what else is included. HERE IS A FREE 2 HOUR YOUTUBE LECUTRE with some of what you will be getting on your 'at home cleanse':

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Personal Home Cleanse

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