Consult: Open a Wellness Center / Health Institute
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I'm starting to do private phone / skype consults, 5 days, one hour each day, on opening a health institute / wellness center. Includes an extra 15 minutes each day of Q&A, a complete power point presentation, details on staff needed, lectures offered, promotions, building space, grow room area, tuition charged, certification programs, juicing details, projected capital needed, profit vs nonprofit, and so much more! Be ready to record! Also available one hour consults for anyone on healthy living, moving beyond food, conscious communication, or anything else you want to talk about. Details on my website store.

Here is a testimony from an amazing couple in the Northeast:

"We were interested in starting a wellness center and synchronistically were made aware of Michael Bergonzi. I listened to one of his 2 hrs lectures someone had sent me and was extremely impressed and intrigued with what he had to share. I reached out to Michael and found out he offered private classes that were catered to setting up a wellness center! We immediately signed up and within a couple days our schooling began.

The sessions we signed up for took place for 1 hr a day via Skype and continued for a number of a days in a row. That worked out perfectly, as it gave time to digest and think about the information shared and time to formulate more questions.

Michael shared with us everything from the important behind the scenes and logistic aspects of running a center, all the way to the lecture and education part of it and everything in between.

Having been in the wellness field for over 30 years, Michael had a wealth of information to share. He was great at answering our questions. He brought up lots of things we had not yet considered or thought about. The level of detail he provided was fantastic!

Michael provided us with lots of resources, told us where we could purchase inventory, guest speakers we might want to consider, right down to model numbers on some of the equipment he would recommend. Every day Michael spoke from the heart and his passion rained through. He is certainly a genuine person who is passionate about helping others. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering setting up a center. We are so grateful to have connected with him! Thanks Michael!"

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Consult: Open a Wellness Center / Health Institute

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