Business Workshop DVD Series - 3 month payment plan - $849.00

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*COMPLETE business workshop!!!  This is NEW to the world of wheatgrass and never before available.  Starting in 1990, you will get everything I have learned about growing / sprouting / selling and includes what works and how to promote your new 'growing' business.  Over 100 photo's, a complete trouble shoot guide for wheatgrass & sunflower greens, DVD tours of the Optimum Health Institute Greenhouse(35 min), The Hippocrates Greenhouse(45 min) and a local company who made an amazing business in a warehouse(15 min).  This workshop will also have many of my personal files from my computer, rack design plans, signs, mailing ideas, direct to seed companies, planting trays, etc... and all the "how to" guides you will ever need.  Includes a new Franchise Opportunity! 
Business Planning Workshop DVD - Wheatgrass & Sprouts Business Planning Workshop DVD Series - Wheatgrass, Sprouts & Micro-Greens

*Still MORE*  These two DVD's contain almost 5 hours of a business presentation workshop (given on Feb. 26th & 27th, 2011) by Michael Bergonzi, information never before made available until NOW!  Not only that, no one wants you to have this information and compete with their wheatgrass business.  Michael will not only help you compete with other growers, but will teach you the techniques needed to win your customers and health food stores over. 
It is his 20 years of growing / sprouting / selling concepts that include what works and how to promote your new 'growing' business of sprouts, wheatgrass, micro-greens, juicers, trays, seeds, etc.... Contains two DVD's of a whole weekend workshop on how to plan your wheatgrass & sprouts business.  Each DVD is over 2 hours of information with a power point presentation.  Please listen to this lecture more than once. 

**NOTE:  Shipping of $14.95 only valid in the US.  Over seas customers please email us before your purchase for exact shipping rates. Also includes a new Franchise Opportunity section with Sean from Got Sprouts!  Michael is now on board with promoting the franchise name "Got Sprouts" everywhere he travels to and lectures.  He wants everyone to know that when they shop at a Got Sprouts location, they will get the best of the best sprouts, wheatgrass, juicers and seeds, every time!!  Once you purchase this product, you will be able to have your business link on Michael's  website  at  He will support your company as well as answer any questions via email. 
Testimony: "Beginning a new business in a new field it has been a big challenge for us. We had many questions about the process of growing the wheatgrass, the supplies we need, the whole business part and all of our worries and questions found their answers watching Michael's DVD's . Through his DVD's Michael showed us how to start a wheatgrass business and how to do it with best results. We are much more comfortable now, after everything we have learned from Michael's DVD's and we thank him for putting all these together"
Anca & Gabriel, Michigan

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Business Workshop DVD Series - 3 month payment plan - $849.00

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