A+ Manual Lexen Healthy Juicer
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This juicer is Michael's very favorite! Yes, it takes some effort on your part, but also, it adds LIFE back into your food!

Made from Lexen with a one year warranty, this juicer is not only the best for getting the most juice out of wheatgrass (13 ounces per pound of grass!) but it will also juice cucumber, celery, sprouts and every leafy green you put through it! Make your GREEN juice as well as your wheatgrass juice, everyday! Also very easy to clean, portable and the screen is on the outside of the juicer! No more having to take the entire juicer apart after each juice made to clean the screen.  Makes a great travel juicer, healthy gift for a loved one and, if the power ever goes out, you can still juice everyday! 

1 year warranty on all parts. 

*Available in Green/White ONLY

  • Item #: LMHJ007

A+ Manual Lexen Healthy Juicer

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